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Wilderness First Aid Course Offered April 16-17 At Appalachian


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Watauga County



Packing the Pantry
WHS Empty Bowls Dinner Raises $4,100 for Hunger Coalition

County, Town, ASU Meet
Collaborative Efforts Continue

County Seeks Six Percent Occupancy Tax
The Watauga County commissioners set a possible occupancy tax in motion, voting Tuesday to draft a local bill to introduce in the state General Assembly.

Town Suggests Changes To Comprehensive Plan
The Boone Town Council recommended a few changes to the Boone Area Planning Commission’s analysis overview of the comprehensive plan.

Habitat Gets Permission To Scavenge
The Habitat For Humanity received permission to prowl through the county’s trash during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Judge Takes Steps To Increase Courthouse Security
County officials have said a $1.96 million remodel and expansion of the Watauga County courthouse will improve security conditions.

Rep. Foxx Meets With Local Farmers
Fifth District Rep. Virginia Foxx spoke with local farmers over breakfast at the Mountain House Restaurant last Thursday.

Commissioners Discuss Hannah Building Options
The county commissioners made a decision that set one capital project in motion, but did not make a decision on what to do with the Hannah Building.

Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery
“Springing Forward” Combination Keeps You Safe

Todd Community Garners Two Grants for Parks
The Todd Community Preservation Organization has received two $5000 grants to fix up and improve the two parks in Todd.


Science Fair Encourages Learning For Hundreds Of Students
Hundreds of High Country students showed off their scientific knowledge this month.

Celebrate Fossil Fools Day With Sustainable Energy Activities
People across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom will gather for the Second Annual Fossil Fools Day Friday, April 1.

Red Cross Volunteer Prefers To Remain Out Of Spotlight

Paul Stout prefers to remain behind the scenes, but he couldn’t hide from the spotlight this month.


Local Couple Earns Farmer Of The Year Honor
A Watauga County couple was recognized as the 2005 Small Farmers of the Year.

Spotlight on Valle Crucis
National Geographic Traveler & National Register of Historic Places Honor Watauga County Town



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