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Health Issues

Health Officials Preparing For West Nile Virus

Targeting Cervical Cancer

Serve Your Fruits And Vegetables With Care

Marijuana Misconceptions

Think “Safety” During Summer Vacation

Back from the Edge: A Former Meth User Speaks Out

On the Front Lines: County Agencies Respond to the Meth Threat

Meth: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

A Chilling Look Inside the World of a Methamphetamine Addict

Watauga County



• Dealing with Eyesores
At their work session on July 28, the Watauga County Board of Commissioners will not only address the county’s economic development future, but they will also work to finalize the drafts of two ordinances — one pertaining to junked cars, the other to solid waste disposal.

• No Parking
The yellow signs went up this week along King Street declaring 0.82 miles of the roadway a no-parking zone from 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. for three weeks.

• Rain Hampers Highway 421 Completion
“If we hadn’t had rain in May, I know for a fact that Wright Brothers would be finished with this intersection,” said Frank Gioscio, resident engineer for the NC Department of Transportation.

• County, Boone Plan Communications Upgrades
A number of emergency communications upgrades are scheduled for this fiscal year, with two currently in progress and one dependent on state legislative action.

• Upping the Ante on Meth Producers
Watauga Offender First in State to Be Charged Under WMD Statute

National Committee For The New River Protects Riverfront Land In Todd
The National Committee for the New River (NCNR) recently completed the purchase of a 44-acre tract of forested riverfront property in Todd, N.C. >>National Committee for the New River to Be Featured on North Carolina Public Television


• Straight From The Street

• Documentary Film Of Elk Shoals Wins Award
The second annual interfaith camp was held at Elk Shoals United Methodist Camp last week where 16 Christians, Jews and Muslims met together to learn about one another and to learn how to trust others of different faiths or beliefs.

Law Enforcement Community Holds Car Show, Benefits D.A.R.E.
Area automobile enthusiasts are getting revved up for this month’s big show. The Watauga Law Enforcement community will hold its first D.A.R.E. Benefit Car Show Saturday, July 26 at Watauga High School.

• O Where For Art Thou Parkway Hikes
Randy Johnson Guides the Way

• Local Woman Trains For Fundraising Marathon



Behind The Scenes At Cone Park Offer Unprecedented Insight

There’s a rare opportunity being offered at Moses Cone Park this summer – behind-the-scenes, upstairs tours of Cone Manor House. >> FULL STORY


Writing A Quilt Story

Appalachian Cultural Museum Gets East Coast Exclusive On Unique Exhibit >> FULL STORY

The Meaning Of Marfan
Marfan is a word not many people know the definition of, but it has become the most important word in Lucinda Bower’s vocabulary. >> FULL STORY

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Cinnabon is a 9 week old long hair calico manx kitten.



Journey Through Darkness

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story:

Part One in a Series

Part Two in a Series