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Health Issues

Get Out And Hit The Trail
An alarming number of Americans suffer from obesity, heart disease, and other ailments brought on by a sedentary lifestyle.

On the Front Lines: County Agencies Respond to the Meth Threat

Meth: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

A Chilling Look Inside the World of a Methamphetamine Addict

Watauga County



• Commissioners Take on Water, Ambulance Service and an Appeal
The Watauga County Board of Commissioners addressed three contentious issues at their regular meeting on Tuesday night.

• Disaster Drill Tests Emergency Responders
The call went out precisely at 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon reporting a structural fire with victims in a multifamily dwelling within the Boone town limits.

• Borkowski’s Retirement Announcement Shuffles ASU Administration
Francis Borkowski’s June 11 announcement that he was stepping down as Appalachian State University chancellor started a game of musical chairs among the university’s administration.

• Health Department Holds Grand Opening Ceremony
Eight quick snips from governmental and public health officials cut the ribbon at the Watauga County Health Department’s grand opening last week.

• Forest Service Officially Opens First Wildlife Platform In Pisgah
Visitors To Linville Gorge Get Another View

• Movin’ On Up
Watauga Humane Society acquires land for expansion.

• Northwestern Bank Opens Branch in Boone
Northwestern Bank’s Boone office opened Monday June 16.



• Straight From the Street
Now that Tennessee has a state lottery do you think a lot of people will head over the border to play?

• Thousands Participate In Watauga’s Relay For Life
Wet conditions did nothing to dampen the spirits of Louise Baird and hundreds of other Watauga County cancer survivors this weekend.

• Annual Ride Gives Daily Returns To Community
Blood, Sweat & Gears Underwrites Critical Relief, Training, Prevention Programs



The Mountain Times Toots A Hard-Earned Horn
When business owners invest in advertisements in The Mountain Times, they know they’re dealing with the best graphics department in town. >>FULL STORY

The Adventures of Jasmine Sky, Movie Star
Most thirteen-year-olds have barely had time to dream up their ambitions, but Jasmine Sky has already achieved hers. >>FULL STORY

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