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Health Issues

“Creating Solutions, Rebuilding Lives” Is The Great Strength Of The Occupational Therapy Profession

De-Touring Watauga County

Part l
Part II

The Mountain Times presents a series of De-Touring Watauga County, or How To Get Around The Highway 321 Mudslide To Where You Are Going And Enjoy Yourself.


A female poodle mix that is 2 years old.

Ashe County



• Group Looks Into Purchasing Court Street For Housing Project
Rural Affordable Housing provides housing for very low to middle income individuals or families.

• Commissioners To Address Proposed Panhandling Ordinance
Sheriff Jim Hartley presented information concerning a group of people who recently took up money at the 221/163 intersection.

• AsheOnline Helps Promote Local Businesses
Representative Beth Ellison of AsheOnline will be going out to talk with local businesses in the upcoming weeks.

• Blue Ridge Parkway Section Closed By Rockslide


• Habitat For Humanity Holds Taste Of The High Country

One of the High Country’s tastiest events is less than a week away.

• Dancin’ Debbie’s Dancers Taking Top Honors
Local dancers from Dancin’ Debbie’s of West Jefferson recently won several awards in different competitions.


• West Jefferson Merchants Association Plans Events To Benefit StreetScape

• Organization Prepares To Distribute Six Tons Of Food At ACHS


Think extinction and most people will visualize dinosaurs, the Dodo or other great beasts of the past.>>FULL STORY


Home-Grown Talent
Local publisher reprints classic, and releases new works >>FULL STORY


Glowing Panes Welcomes Shops And Gallery Show
Valerie Somers is opening several new shops of various themes in the upstairs area of the old hotel in downtown West Jefferson.

Events and Happenings

• ACHS Prepares For Activities At Springfest
Spring is in the air and we all know what that means… Springfest and Very Special Arts Festival.

• Photography Exhibit
Robert Parriott will display his photography work at MCC throughout the month of May.

• “Piano Man From The Blue Ridge” Returns Home
Jeff Little Trio concert May 3 in Ashe County

• Summertime Blues
By August, residents and visitors to the Todd Community will have already been treated to some of the area’s – and nation’s - finest music.

• Appalachian Summer 2003 Schedule Announced
Schedule Announced: Lee Ann Womack, Mark O’Connor & Mingus Big Band featured.

• “Piano Man From The Blue Ridge” Returns Home

• Coleman At Skyland Books May 2

• Wilkes And Tennessee Authors To Be Featured At Wilkes
Art Gallery

• Ashe Arts Council Sponsors Spring Fest

• Ashe Artist’s Glass Blown Wildflowers Shows At Arts Council

• Arts Exhibit Includes Local Artist R.T. Morgan

• Eighth Annual Carl Hagel Golf Tournament Scheduled For May 3rd

• Bicycle Poker Run Benefits Ashe County’s 4-H Ropes Course


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