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February 26, 2009 EDITION
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A Fond Farewell

‘Sweet Tea with Lemon’ moving to The Blowing Rocket


I grew up in a military family (well, Coast Guard anyway) that moved from base to base about every two-and-a-half years. I went to four different elementary schools, one junior high school and one middle school and two different high schools. I’m still unclear on why some places call them middle schools and others call them junior high schools, but it seems there are more middle schools in the South and more junior highs in the North.

Because of all that moving around, I became fairly adept at adapting to new schools and new social situations. That adaptability has served me well as I am now fairly comfortable when it comes to meeting new people and dealing with unusual situations. (It has not, however, molded me into one of those people who can remember other people’s names very well; I absolutely stink at that).

In a stroke of misfortune, Jeff Eason will be taking a job in Blowing Rock a week after Sonny’s Grill has closed its doors for the last time. Where will he find delicious ham biscuits?
I will put that adaptability to work this week when I leave the friendly confines of the Mountain Times offices and start my new job as editor of The Blowing Rocket. Consequently, I am moving the “Sweet Tea with Lemon” column with me.

For the past five years I’ve had a blast writing “Sweet Tea with Lemon” at The Mountain Times. The column has afforded me a chance to reminisce about experiences I’ve had in the past, inject a little humor into my newspaper writing, and occasionally spout off about subjects that are near and dear to my heart.

The column has also given me a pipeline to our readers that I didn’t have before. Readers have written letters and emails, left phone messages, and occasionally stopped me in the cereal aisle of the grocery store to tell me what they thought of one of my columns. Most of the feedback has been positive, but even the most vehement disagree-ers have been civil while telling me in no uncertain terms what an idiot I am. I thank you all.
At this crossroads in my career, I plan on giving “Sweet Tea with Lemon” a bit of a break while I get my bearings at The Blowing Rocket. Life without a weekly column and weekly movie review to write will take a little getting used to, but I’m excited about the challenges that lie ahead.

So as I hand the entertainment editor baton to Frank Ruggiero at The Mountain Times, I encourage him to write a column such as “Sweet Tea.” All newspapers need a bit of personal or opinionated writing, to give them a bit of character in addition to the pieces about hard news and coming events.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting the readers of The Blowing Rocket and finding out what their interests are. I hope some of my Mountain Times readers will follow me those eight miles south down Hwy 321 and pick up a Rocket occasionally. Until then, thanks for reading.
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